My Story

Wow! Where do I begin! Let's see I am a mother of 2, a entrepreneur, and oh yes I am a Widow! I will never get use to saying that out loud. Yet here I am doing life without my husband. This journey that I am on has taught me so much about myself; about who I really am! Which has led me to share with you how you too can discover The Real You after facing tragedy or loss! It can be done; even when you feel like "life is over." Trust me it is not! God has so much more for you!

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"The issues of the past can still reside in the present which in turn can move into the future. Their stories, dreams and aspirations may be different but at the core of it all is "The Real You." Taking wisdom from the Old You and building on that as the Now You will definitely help the Next You achieve success"

              -The Healing Widow

Mission Statement

"To help my clients realize that there is life after tragedy, whether it's death, divorce, etc. I will work with you to get you back on track to discovering The Real You"

Stone Tower

Vision Statement

"Helping individuals to identify their limiting beliefs and create strategies to progress and achieve success"