I need an attitude adjustment!

WOW! These past few weeks have shown me that I was in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. You see I have been asking God to heal certain areas of my life and give me wisdom in knowing what to do. I was in devotion one more when I read something along the lines of "You need an attitude adjustment." I was scratching my head trying to understand exactly what that meant. I felt as though I had a good attitude and that I was displaying gratitude but upon further research of myself I realized that I was asking God for the wrong thing! Let's just say MIND BLOWN! I needed to ask Him to help me change my attitude first before He could do what He needed to do in my life! For instances I have been praying for financial increase but what I should have been asking is for God to help me change my attitude and my relationship with money! What's the point of asking God for financially if I still was struggling with handling what He had already blessed me with! WHEW!!!!! Can you say reality check! I needed a better relationship with money first before God could move in my financial situation and that meant that I had to FULLY rely on Him and not money or material things. I had to understand that He was my provider! That He was the one that is taking care of me and my children! So if you are asking God to move in a situation for you and it seems like nothing is happening you may want to do a self-check first and see "Do I need an attitude adjustment first?" You just might be surprised

that the only thing standing between you and your blessing is your ATTITUDE!

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